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, president obama was coasting toward re-election, now he's coming off one of the toughest weeks of his second term. let's start out with our chief white house correspondent jon karl. with more on that. you have the obama care, nsa spying controversial and now this new book "double down" shows that winning campaigns aren't pretty on the inside. >> that's right, george. apparently some of the president's top aides leaked so much information to authors of this book. in the president's weekly address, no mention of obama care or veep switches. >> i want to cut through that noise and talk plainly about what we should do right now to keep growing this economy. and creating new jobs. >> reporter: just an effort to turn the page in one of his toughest weeks in his second term. who would have thought this joke on saturday night live. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> reporter: would turn into an actual prediction. on friday, they revealed that only six americans were able to sign up on ob
are investigating who may have handed out the drug to children. >>> election day isn't until tuesday but voters in san francisco can swing by city hall to drop off their vote by mail ballots. there will be drop off stations open tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., monday from 8:00 to 5:00 and tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00. >>> a second b.a.r.t. labor union has ratified the new agreement. atu said its members approved the contract. sciu members approved the deal last night. it includes a 15.4% raise and safer working conditions and requires b.a.r.t. workers to pay into their pensions and increase health care costs. >>> tomorrow is the final day to enjoy vintage motor and trolley buses in san francisco. the streetcars and buses dating back to 1896 are in service. muni displayed its newest addition to the fleet, the 1934 open-top boat tram will operate during good weather only of course. and for a check on the weather let's get to leigh glaser. >> showing you the high clouds we saw earlier in the day thanks to a cold front that came across the bay area. we are on the backside of the system and t
there today. >> i was an elected official, a mother and wife. i made a terrible, bad choice and i'm responsible for making it. >> nadia lockyear confronts her >>> good evening, again. a man suspected of killing a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is in custody. >> the 23-year-old paul ciancia is in critical condition, shot being arrested. he says he had a note with him saying he wanted to quote kill tsa and pigs >> six people including three tsa agents and the shooter were taken to the hospital. authorities grounded flights at lax. there could be more delays this weekend. >> we are live with what's happening there. it's quite a mess here. people are trying to get to their flights. travellers being dropped off a mile from the airport proving to be faster. chief thorough fares have been closed and has been a parking lot on a street that is open. people who arrived and tried to get home, many walking out of the airport meeting their ride in a strip mall. there are many roadside reunions others have been able to take a shuttle taking people to an off site park lot. within
to repeal the new smoking rules and prevent a plastic bag ban. voters, not elected leaders, should decide the issues. a plastic bag ban law is in the works and the city passed a second-hand smoke ordinance last month batching smoking downtown and in open airspaces. they need to gather 4,000 signatures for each initiative in order to get them on the june ballot. >> google executive chairman is responding to allegations the u.s. government spied on his company's data centers and is not happy in a new interview, he says any spying is "outrageous and illegal." he says he had made complaints with the n.s.a. about spying, along with president obama and the members of congress. >> the man who exposed the n.s.a. program is again justifying him decision to leak classified information. a german magazine has published an open letter that was written by edward snowden calling the manifesto for the truth and edward snowden argues that people have to fight against suppression of information and says that those who speak the truth are not committing a crime. >> president obama is headed back to the bay
that i had to save him. >>reporter: after rehab nadia won election for supervisor. high point of her career. but on the personal front she tells me argument with her husband led to an affair with him and own addiction to meth. >> he introduced me to meth. s i was an elected official and i was a mother and wife and i made that terrible bad choice. i'm responsible for making it. >>reporter: steve refused to be interviewed for the story. i'm completely clean and sober since january. focus on my so bright and continue okay the path of rebe my life. i made too much progress to bring up the past. she first used meth parking his car. >> was it mostly clear to you that i'm in trouble when the smoke was in your lung. thinks addicting. >> that went a thought in my head i would have stopped. it was, it was i enjoy this i like it. and then. >>reporter: was it powerful attraction to it. >> it was immediate. >>reporter: nadia and bill began living apart and she tried to break up with chick several times but he threatened to expose her secret life and reveal he had a sex tape. >> did you
to save him. >>reporter: after rehab nadia won election for supervisor. high point of her career. but on the personal front she tells me argument with her husband led to an affair with him and own addiction to meth. >> he introduced me to meth. s i was an elected official and i was a mother and wife and i made that terrible bad choice. i'm responsible for making it. >>reporter: steve refused to be interviewed for the story. i'm completely clean and sober since january. focus on my so bright and continue okay the path of rebe my life. i made too much progress to bring up the past. she first used meth parking his car. >> was it mostly clear to you that i'm in trouble when the smoke was in your lung. thinks addicting. >> that went a thought in my head i would have stopped. it was, it was i enjoy this i like it. and then. >>reporter: was it powerful attraction to it. >> it was immediate. >>reporter: nadia and bill began living apart and she tried to break up with chick several times but he threatened to expose her secret life and reveal he had a sex tape. >> did you consen
other reason, his medical history. governor christie responded during a re-election campaign stop in new jersey on friday. >> that campaign four years ago, i wish them godspeed to sell any books they can. >> the book, "double down," comes out next tuesday, which just happens to be election day in new jersey. >>> finally, if you got paid on friday, i'll bet your paycheck was probably nothing like kobe bryants. most nba players get paid every two weeks. but some, like kobe, get 80% of their salary up front. he got paid yesterday, with a $30 million annual contract. that works out to $24 million before taxes. >> before taxes. >> before taxes. >> i'm going to call my agent and figure out how to get that. >> on friday, the eagle was soaring for kobe. and he's injured, not even playing right now. sorry he got injured. but that's a nice paycheck to take home. >> must be nice, huh? >> i'm imagining. >> thanks, ron. >>> time for a check of the weather and over to ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> hey, guys. unsettled is an understatement as for what's been happening along the east coast the last two da
thought of dumping biden for hillary clinton in the last election. bill daily says he did consider the idea. but decided it would not help the ticket. a top obama aide says there's no truth to the report. >>> america's most wanted fugitive has landed a job without any references from his employer previously. starting today, former nsa contractor turned leaker, edward snowden, will begin doing maintenance on one of russia's largest websites. he was granted temporary asylum in russia, after fleeing the u.s., rather than face charges that he stole secret documents and leaked them to journalists. >>> a bomb threat made a united express flight land in phoenix. that threat came from inside the plane. it was flying from san francisco to san antonio yesterday afternoon. a search of the plane found nothing dangerous. and passengers arrived in texas early this morning. >>> and some fascinating details about that drug tunnel under the u.s./mexico border we told you about yesterday. the nearly 600-yard tunnel is about 35 feet underground. and it follows a zigzag pattern. that suggests the peop
and prevent a plastic bag ban. he says voters, not elected leaders, should decide the issues. a ban law is in the works for plastic bag. a second-happened smoke ordinance banned smoking down and in open airspaces. they need to gather 4,000 signatures for each initiative in order to get them on the ball the loment. >> what do you think of oakland playing in san francisco at the giants' ballpark? the a's have the lease at their coliseum in the air. amy? >> you could be seeing green and yellow at at&t park. the oakland a's struggling to reach a lease agreement at the coliseum, major league baseball is stepping in and saying, it has an idea: how about moving the a's over to at&t park? there are multiple reports this morning saying major league baseball is suggesting that. the a's contract negotiations have been going on for six months. major league baseball says they need to step in and assign them to a stadium so though can set the schedule and let opponents know where they will be playing. the idea to take the team to san francisco. neither team has commented on the reports. >> president
of a re-election campaign. >> that's right, the book is called double down. republican nominee mitt romney considered tapping christie as a running mate. but declined over fears of his temper, medical history and spending. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, who has a show coming up this morning, is this likely to hurt governor christie as he contemplates a run for president? >> i'm not sure. one of the things it shows tension between governor christie and mitt romney. and mitt romney's campaign. christie is the future. mitt romney's campaign is the past. they did leaked all kinds of information from his vetting file. it's pretty clear from this book that governor romney had a lot of questions about chris christie, he said that he was always showing up late for events, was arrogant, and even making fun of his weight. but i don't think so. and we're what seeing with governor christie right now, he is cruising to re-election tuesday in new jersey. republican in a blue state. probably going to be the first republican to get more than 50% of the vote. he hasn't been coy at all about the fact
are deciding elections, deciding what we buy which is why advertisers have gone after sophia vergara, the highest paid actress in hollywood, a cover girl selling diet pepsi. it's estimated she makes $19 million a year. here at fusion they want that audience, too. >> we are a generation, we're tweeting all day long. what we want is a place where we can talk about the headlines and be a part of the conversation. >> the network is called fusion. it's launching this evening. we can't wait. what would you like to see? tweet us. use the hashtag this is fusion. >>> this is "world news," much more ahead on this monday night from miami. you'll remember that moment caught on tape, the female passenger falling asleep on a stranger's lap. we've all had those uncomfortable moments jammed into a plane. what you haven't seen, the night vision experiment revealing why it's about to get more uncomfortable. >>> later tonight we take you inside the famous kitchen in miami, back to the vault that you need to swipe a fingerprint to get into. the most prized item on the menu, can you guess what it is? the
, after winning a special election to replace the late frank lautenberg of new jersey. now, booker will then head to the white house to have a private meeting with the president. >>> and if he gets there after dark, take a look at what he's going to see. the white house is orange for halloween. and it's decorated with spider webs and pumpkins. the president and first lady welcome trick-or-treaters there tonight. >> that looks really great. yesterday, "sesame street's" elmo and rosita paid a visit. they helped the first lady and some schoolchildren harvest vegetables from her garden. >> very nice. local kids and kids of military families will be welcomed by the white house. very exciting for them. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >>> sounding the alarm. an eye-opening report is once again bringing attention to concussion risks for young athletes. >>> plus, a sexting scandal unfolding this morning. the number of schools and students involved is causing concern. >>> and caught on camera, a wrong-way driver slams into cars and a whole lot more. [laughing] [message beep] [tires scre
. the report the obama campaign considered switching joe biden for hillary clinton in the last election. top presidential aides deny this report but bill daly said he considered making a change. ultimately decided it would not help the ticket. >>> the new york city police department controversial stop and frisk policy can stay in place for a little while. the federal appeals court blocked the ruling it discriminates against minorities. saying the lower court judge failed to appeal impartial. a new judge has been appointed and stop and frisk can proceed while the city fights to keep the practice. >>> fascinating details about a drug tunnel found under the u.s. and mexico border. the 600-yard tunnel was equipped with lighting, vents and electrical rail system. authorities seized more than eight tons of pot and over 320 pounds of cocaine while shutting it down. three men were arrested in the bust and the newest of the 80 such tunnels found along the border since 2008. >>> frightening moments aboard a united express flight forced to land and divert to phoenix in an unscheduled landing. a bomb th
polls showed the switch would not really improve president obama's re-election chances. the book comes out next week. good morning america will have a lot more on this story coming up at 7:00 after our news cast. >>> the vatican is taking a new approach facing controversial issues. they have launched a campaign on how to deal with issues like birth control, divorce and same-sex marriage. asked bishops to start polling their members. pope francis is moving away from the vatican central approach towards ones where local bishops are more involved with their parishion parishioners. >>> the hallmark store is admitting it shouldn't have changed the wording on a christmas ornament. critics accused the store of being home mow homophobic. >>> kraft saying it will replace artificial dyes with spices for coloring. the company is not explaining the reason for the change, but analysts suggest it's a move to accommodate a push for more natural ingredients. >> there's concern over the yellow dye used in that. it is now 4:57. we're following breaking news in the south bay. a car hit two contract worke
considered bypassing joe biden as president obama's running mate for the 2012 election in favor of hillary clinton. jon karl has that from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the idea of replacing joe biden with hillary clinton was the subject of endless political speculation in the early days of the campaign. and now this soon to be released book says that some of the president's top advisers actually talked about doing it. it's the dream team many democrats started wishing for, even before barack obama won the nomination in 2008. obama chose joe biden instead and did just fine. but as the president was gearing up for re-election, a sluggish economy and bad poll numbers had at least some of his top advisers thinking it might be time to play the hillary card. according to "double down" a new book by mark halperin and john heilemann, some of obama's top advisers secretly discussed replacing biden with hillary clinton and even conducted polling and focus groups to see how hillary would do as a vice presidential candidate. but the polling showed the switch wouldn'
. big elections in new jersey and virginia. and the president was out in virginia yesterday. >> that's right. and they're hoping for some good news out of virginia.ç polls something that democrats could have a clean sweep in what had long been a will be dominated, if the election goes the way the polls suggest, by the democrats. that's good, good news here at the white house.ç >> chris christie, republican, headed to victory in new jersey. >>> let's get the other top stories from josh. >>> a frightening scene at a football game. houston head coach, gary kubiak, you see him there in the blue sweat suit. he collapsed on the field as he walking to the locker room at halftime.ç he appeared conscious. obviously in pain. carried off the field on a stretcher. he is in stable condition at the hospital at this hour. the team saying he's undergoingç tests today but did not have a heart attack. meanwhile, the texans blew an 18-point lead at that point and they would lose the game.o@ r(tc big story in professional football. accusations that a miami dolphins player quit because he was bull
. he was trying to say he is elected to represent his district, not condoning the slavely. >> same-sex couple married by sandra day o'connor who presided over the ceremony in washington, dc at the supreme court building. here is the couple, jeffrey and stuart. it is not the first same-sex marriage wedding ceremony at the supreme court building. justice ginsburg resided over two heard, most recently this weekend. >> pastor is planning to picket outside barney's in manhattan over racial profiling by police at the store. they have until friday to ask for policies for stopping, detaining, and questions customers based on race. two allegations have been brought against the store from morning, when two other shoppers say they were wrongfully search after shopping including a movie actor. >> the st. louis cardinals are in boston for game six of the world series. "do or die". but this was an hour flight delay landing at boston before midnight after mechanical problems in st. louis forcing the delay. worse, the team and families were on on the entire time. avoid i don'ts nobleally do not go
programs focussed on elected officials and citizens abroad. >> i hope the outcome of the visit is not one to lecture the united states on anything. or to threaten the united states. >> reporter: one week after reports surfaced the u.s. tapped personal cell phone of the germ man chancellor, national security council claims they have agreed to intensify cooperation between their country's intelligence services yet there is still intense skepticism. >> trust issues remain. >> reporter: abc news news learned intel agencies listened in on allies >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid u.s. foreign purposes. >> reporter: claiming it's for security purposes a rationale some european officials feel can only go so far. >> we must find a balance between security and privacy. >> of course, it's being questioned here at home as well. republicans and democrats calling for a congressional review of the nsa practices. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. >> house and senate negotiators began crafting a compromise foreign bill that would include cuts to the food stamp programs. on friday, a family
:00 monday and 7:00 to 8:00 on tuesday which is election day. investigators are waiting for the results of a blood test, but it appears tainted halloween candy sent a woman on an unaccounted active trip. there was a teeny hole in this wrapper. north salinas police said the candy was given to a 16-month-old trick or treater, but the girl's mother ate it and almost immediately felt sick. they believe some kind of drug like lsd was fuel-injected into the chocolate. >> i almost shutter to think what would have happened to my niece. it would have been far too strong of a dosage for a toddler. >> police believe it was an isolated incident and they are looking for who might have tainted the candy. police remind parents to check their children's halloween candy. a few months after lululemon pulled yoga pants from the stores, customers complain they are having holes or seems come apart and little fuzzies on the fabric. they have complaints the pants are still too sheer. lululemon stopped selling the pants and changed the fabric after complaints that they were see through. the pants can cost more
for events, and even making fun of his weight. christie is cruising to re-election in new jersey. republican in a blue state. he hasn't been coy about the fact if he wins on tuesday he'll be laying the ground work for the possible presidential campaign. >> the book also talked about the complicated relationship between the president and the president clinton as well. i want to talk about the president's website, obama care health. this is starting to affect the president in the poll. >> his approval rating is 42%. it's been dropping all through this month and it sits into a pattern of the stories right now the president isn't in control. he didn't know about the nsa spying on his allies. this is something that the white house is going to have to turn around. it begs a question, given the fact that the white house and the president knew how important implementation of this affordable care act is, how did they get so far without knowing how significant the problems were? >> a huge embarrassment. they say it's going to be up by mid-november. if that doesn't happen, how much trouble is he in? >>
allow them to kill the animals within the city. >>> election day is still two days away but voters in san francisco can swing by city hall to drop off their vote-by-mail ballots. curbside dropoff stations are available outside every entrance to city hall. they will be open today from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. and tomorrow from 8:00 to 5:00 and tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00. >>> a second bart labor union has ratified the contract agreement that brought an end to a second strike this year. yesterday a. t. u. said its members approved the contract seiu approved the contract friday. it includes a 4% raise, safer working condition and it requires bart workers to pay into their pensions and increases healthcare costs. bart's board of directors will vote on the contract later this month. >>> this morning portions of highway 101 in novato will be closed until 9:00. it is not a solid closer. the chp is closing sections of 101 between some boulevards 15-minute intervals. if allows them to install new power lines. >>> estimated today an estimated 4,000 runners will hit the streets of s
that i was elected to do. >> reporter: that was calderon in june, hours after fbi agents raided his capital office. this sealed affidavit leaked to the cable news network, al jazeera america lace out several damaging fbi allegations. it includes that ron calderon took money in exchange for legislation to change california movie production tax credits. calderon says the fbi document has a film called movie executive funnel some 27,000 bucks to his daughter for a job that didn't exist. any help you could do for my kids, calderon is quoted as saying, that's diamonds for me. and the tax credit legislation, calderon, i can make that play. but the capital play failed, the bill went nowhere. even so, ron calderon's relationship with the agent pretending to be a movie boss continued. a relationship the affidavit suggests the senator knew was trouble. we cannot have a conversation we just had, calderon is quoted as saying to the agent. we cannot a have a quid pro quo conversation. the alleged exchange of money and favors continues. a $4,000 vip table at this concert last halloween at the bel
not improve president obama's re-election chances. the book comes out next week. good morning america will have a lot more on the story coming up at 7:00 right after our news cast. >>> kraft says it will remove artificial food dyes from three of its macaroni and cheese products. the company is taking out the yellow dye from these three products, sponge bob square pants, halloween and winter shapes. the change does not affect kraft's original flavor mac and cheese. kraft says it will replace the dyes with spices like paprika. last month, some parents in north carolina started a petition saying the food dyes started a petition saying the dye added nothing nutritional and might be harmful. kraft denies those allegations. >>> we're continue to go following breaking news. two construction workers hit by a car overnight. one is killed. ahead, the impact on the morning commute. >>> and later, halloween trouble. a woman is a cuesed of using >>> 5:'59. the breaks news coming from mi lpedes. a driver hit two construction workers on interstate 680. >> one of those workers has died. matt keller j
. but theed why was scrapped when polls showed the switch was not improve president obama's re-election chances. moments ago, white house pretty secretary jay carney denied that claim. good morning america will have much more on the double down books which comes out next week. but the show, good morning america, is coming up at 7:00. >>> a fresno area woman is suing mcdonald's after suffering burns from hot coffee that spilled in ler lap while she was going through the drive through. a jury award stella lyback nearly $3 billion for her burns 20 years ago. back then, mcdonald's kept its coffee between 108 and 190 degrees. franchises now keep their coffee about ten degrees cooler, but it's still as much as 30 degrees cooler than the coffee you make at home. 70-year-old joan fino wants to change that. >> i went in to get coffee and, you know, it's their fault. it was too hot and the lids weren't on right. >> her attorney admits she didn't suffer million dollar injuries, but they're suing for millions, anyway, claiming mcdonald's is still putting profits over people's safety. mcdonald's has
to five monday and from seven to eight on tuesday, which is election day. >>> 5:41 on this saturday. things are cooling off, is that right? >> yesterday was the warmest day we will see in quite some time. today not only the cooler temperatures, winds will pick up tonight. this is the exploratorium camera, showing the city with temperatures in the low 50s. a chilly start at the north bay, fog at the coast and cooler for everyone. the forecast when we return. >> thanks, lisa. also why tomorrow's game with philly is so big. larry beil has the details and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the importan and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back, everyone. upscale east bay community of piedmont is f
is election day. >> 6:41. lisa argen with a look at the forecast. it's a november forecast, as it should be. >> yes. we do have fog, though. zero-mile visibility half moon bay. look at the golden gate bridge, kind of busy right now. of course, the fog is a big problem here. it's moving across the bay. but overall we are still forecasting more sun today. but cooler temperatures on the way. gusty winds and, yes, a november-like feel to the area. the forecast is coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also next, why tomorrow's raiders game with philly is so big. big. torrell pryor knows ws, now there's big news in controlling your overactive bladder symptoms. the new oxytrol for women patch. the first and only over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle. the not so pretty truth about their body washes. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female annou
as a devoted advocate for men and women in uniform. he was elected to congress in 1976 and served 17 terms. he died monday, he was 81 years old. >>> now to new developments in the growing spy scandal leading lawmaker dianne feinstein is calling for a review of all intelligence activities. this is following revelations that the nsa has been spying on world leaders without the president's knowledge. he discussed it with a partner network, fusion. >> the capacities continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> there are reports the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. >> this has people rattled overseas. spain the latest to join the chorus of people. pretty darn outraged. people in the spy community say it goes with the territory and nothing new. but heads of state are like you bugged my phone? i thought we were buddies. >> i thought we were friends. really there is this unspoken kind of dynamic between nations, we spy on each other. they know we
? >> his folks released a statement. they say chris brown elected to enter a rehab facility. his goal is to gain focus in his past and recent behavior, enabling him to pursue his life and career from a healthier vantage point. can't argue with that. by the way, brown, 24, is on probation for the 2009 assault with his then-girlfriend, rihanna. it ends august 25th, 2014, according to e! news that reported that family and friends hoped he would enter rehab. any arrest could be considered a violation of the probation, and it could result in jail time. serious stuff. this is an anecdote and pretty good one. mike tyson gave brown some advice. he told a new york radio station. he said, "chris should know if you are not humble in this world, the world will address humbleness on you." words of wisdom from mike. >> from mike tyson of all people. mike tyson is a changed man, according to him. these days all these celebrities and artists go in to rehab for everything. so now there is a rehab for angry? >> i don't know if this is rehab for anger management or if it is maybe he is drinking or whate
to elect the new pope. church leaders said they are not concerned about the reports. >>> the nsa chief is denying allegations from edward snowden that the agency tapped into google and yahoo! data centers. >>> and breaking news right now, from the middle east, u.n. inspectors have just reported that syria has now destroyed all of its chemical weapon production equipment. that's one day ahead of the deadline. but the country still has roughly 1,000 tons of chemical weapons, including mustard gas and sarin. it has until the middle of next year to destroy those weapons. >>> and troubling statements about the economy. the federal reserve is keeping its economic stimulus program in place for now. that means, printing more money to keep interest rates low. because it says the housing recovery is now starting to slow down, jobs are still not being created quickly enough. however, the fed is not saying just how long the stimulus will last. that uncertainty could hurt stocks on wall street today. >>> speaking of, a rollercoaster ride for facebook. its stocks soared after the company reported bi
for re-election next week. if you win, are you committed to serving out your full term? >> i'm committed to being the best governor new jersey can have, for as long as i can possibly do it. but neither one has a crystal ball and know what happens in the future. i've been honest with the people of new jersey and told them exactly that. i'll do this job as long and as aggressively as i possibly can. and my current intention is to spend four years. but you never know what life is going to bring you. >> we will be watching closely. governor, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you for the time. i appreciate it. >> i guess you can say the door is open. >> your expression said it all, when he was responding to that. >>> now, to the fast approaching holiday travel season. if you're planning to fly, be prepared to pay a lot more. airfares are skyrocketing. and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with a look at why flights cost so much and how it's still possible to save a little money here. >> it is possible. but this morning, prices are up by $150 from where they were just a month ago. and big
. >>> at this point many people are wishing the 2016 election was here. senator barbara boxer organized the move. now the letter was secret until monday when one of the women accidentally let the word out. and the man who once ran the pentagon is in line for a new job now. the boy scouts of america have nominated former defense secretary robert gates to lead the group. gates who also led the cia is a former eagle scout. if approved, he'll have a two-year term. >>> majsor new crackdown on smoking in new york city. a new law will raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. new york will be the largest city to crack down on cigarette sales to 19 and 20-year-olds. it was a personal victory to the council member who presented this. his mother and father died of cancer. >> i'm not a fan of smoking. it's bad for you and kills you. if you can carry an m-16 and go to a war overseas and lose your life, you can't light up a cigarette? >> i need to understand what the mindset is. why are we now dictating, you know, if you are of age to do so many other things -- >> yeah, like die. >> exactly. like die
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